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  • 讓雄心擁抱機遇 ——


    歡迎關注 “德力斯”微信公眾號,隨時隨地訂閱我們最新招聘動態。


    * 有整體競爭力和高質量的福利體系,為員工和家人提供更好的生活品質
    * 匹配公司的發展需求,最大化的靈活度和選擇權,讓出色的德力斯家人享受更好收益
    * 終身學習是我們企業文化的重要組成部分


    The Quality Control Inspector (QCI) is required and expected to provide Quality Support to the operations team based on production needs/schedule to satisfy engine assembly/ module/ component/ part inspection requirements, and keeping to the highest level of Quality for hardware and associated work package for RTS.


    ? Responsible to formulate plans to drive preventive and corrective actions in regards to hardware defects and other discrepancies uncovered during hardware inspection and RTS processes.? Act as a resource for area Quality Engineer and QPI and be involved in assigned cells/ areas to resolve quality issues and be involved in any quality initiatives.? Responsible to support Quality Engineers in performing Competency Assessment for Approval Holders.? Assist Quality Engineer/ QPI with Scheduled Audits for the assigned cells/ areas and continue to guide and drive production team for closure of audit findings.? Conduct Quality Training or Flowdown to relevant personnel if required as part of the improvement or control plan.


    ? Minimum age 21 years.? Minimum 7 years practical experience and is previous Approval holder in overhaul and / or Heavy Maintenance.


    China; Chengdu


    更多了解請訪問:www.fromdayonemusic.com ?

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